First Home Owners Grant

The First Home Owners Grant helps reduce what you pay for your first property.

Conditions apply to be eligible for the grant.

The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) was introduced as a way of helping first home buyers enter the property market. If you’re building it can be a significant amount of money to put towards the construction of your first home. The FHOG is a national scheme funded by the states and territories and administered under their own legislation. The grant is a one off tax free payment to first home buyers in Australia, who satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Every state has its own FHOG, and you may also be entitled to a stamp duty discount depending on where you live.

 Common eligibility factors are:

• You must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia

• You must intend to live in the home as your primary residence within 12 months of


• There are no restrictions as to your income or the area in which you plan to buy or build

• You must be buying or building your first home in Australia

• If you’re planning to purchase your first home with another person,

both of you must meet the eligibility criteria

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